By Sebastián Perilla - Student of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

At present, any type of work that people develop will always affect the soft skills for the satisfactory performance of it. In a workday people face multiple problems that they must assertively solve and that is where soft skills would develop. That is why today people who prove leadership skills, teamwork, problem solving, stress management, effective time management and effective communication will function more easily in their work. All these competencies were not previously contemplated by companies, these skills have been gaining strength in recent years, and that is why new spaces have been created that encourage staff to strengthen these skills.

In response to high competitiveness in the labor field, people must strengthen soft skills to achieve better goals. Teamwork is the conjugation of multiple soft skills, such as the ability to make decisions (Luca, 2021), the ability to follow instructions, a good attitude and leadership, in addition to accepting suggestions, and having a good relationship with the team in order to obtain an excellent work environment that will ensure success (Team, 2016). Communication is also a fundamental pillar of organizations, where it must be clear to all recipients, both oral and written internally and externally. Leadership is an essential part of this topic of soft skills, in this several skills are also evidenced, such as communication, management of emotions, responsibility, positive attitude and guidelines of aims, goals and deadlines (Editor, 2020).

There are people who manage to perform several functions at the same time, a difficult but not impossible management to do, it is called multitasking, for the most part they must give results under pressure (Luca, 2021). Effective time management adds to the list of skills, it allows us to achieve more with less effort, basically, to optimize our time, thus we are able to conceptualize, manage and actuate everything that we have outlined in our work plan; making progress within a framework of a strategic plan outlined by realistic objectives and achievements, this approach often involves most areas of an organization together (CONFIEP Perú, n.d.). It is not possible to leave out of this essay the resolution of problems considered as essential, more so nowadays, since we need to face with constant changes, unexpected difficulties without losing control of the organizations, managing to adapt to change and achieve stability again (Gonzalez, 2020).

We can ask ourselves a question, do soft skills take precedence over hard skills? In my opinion both complement each other and have equal priority, because to manage an organization we must always have educational bases that support us as professionals, it corresponds to hard skills (Gonzalez, 2020). But no less important are soft skills, several of them can be rescued such as courtesy, honesty, respect for others, responsibility, work ethic, flexibility, the ability to speak within the framework of a good understanding (CONFIEP Perú. n.d.). In day-to-day work, these skills, even if we do not think about it, will stand out, because it is our actions, attitudes and performance that will reflect the integrity and professionalism of the work carried out (Luca, 2021).

In conclusion, soft skills allow us to develop clear communication, lead different processes, develop negotiating skills, lead company processes, which contributes to a better work environment, solidity, projection, and business positioning. These types of techniques help people to have a higher performance, and more effective in the work environment. From my point of view, all these characteristics also contribute to society, create healthier environments, and help avoid confrontations between people, these are skills that must be more motivated in young people.


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