By Chantal Natasha Schiedow Méndez - President GOES Business Administration

“Business owners and managers lead by example. The values and work ethic displayed by a company's decision makers have a direct influence on company culture, and many times, on a business' profitability.” Shift, O. (2016). One of the most crucial skills to have in a fast- paced world is time management. When it comes to SME’s, they need to be able to seize every second of the day and make the most out of them to help their business stand out in way that their competitors can’t. Lack of proper time management can result in inconsistent results, that will ultimately affect the future outcome of the business. Having the proper tools to manage, prioritize and delegate tasks will help you not only lead by example but extend the hours you have in a day.

A good first step to start with time management is to measure which tasks need to be prioritized throughout the day is to set a deadline for when each activity is due and an estimate amount of time this activity will consume. This will allow you the create an easier day to day list that allows you to hit your daily goals. Additionally, you should be able to separate what tasks are day to day tasks and which have a larger impact in the company or could be considered big picture tasks. Being able to outsource some of those tasks to others, will help you focus on those tasks that truly need your attention and will also help motivate your collaborators by showing that you trust them with different challenges and responsibilities.

Once you’ve decided which tasks to focus on and which to delegate you can start arranging the way your week will take place by placing the tasks into different groups or lists that need to be completed. This can be extremely beneficial for when tasks are similar or related by objectives or deadline. It will allow you to complete things that are related within the same day and help elevate the precision in which the goal is done.

Furthermore, setting a system and committing to it will help not only create a cohesive work environment, but help those around you understand the way the company does its day- to-day operations. There are many types of methods that can be used, and there is no right or wrong of doing it. You can go with a specific software or take parts of different methods and philosophies to make one that adapts to your companies’ specific needs. However, none of these systems will be of any use if you don’t hold yourself accountable for the tasks that need to be completed each day.

Starting a new business is never easy, nonetheless during a worldwide pandemic. Things are constantly changing, and businesses are having to find way to adapt to thing that come up every day. However, by managing your time and setting a standard for yourself and those who will eventually work alongside you, you’re ensuring the quality of the work that will be presented to future customers is kept the same from day one no matter the situation.


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