By Cristina Moya Roldán – Student of English Teaching with Emphasis on Preschool Education

As years have gone by and as the world has evolved, companies and employers have focused their attention on people with competences that some decades ago were only required for certain jobs or positions, social classes, and even genres. Among these competences, writing skills have become one of the most important requirements for occupations of every kind and nature all over the world. However, currently many workers don’t have the ability to even write a formal e-mail to another employee or boss. Being capable of writing effectively involves more than simply understanding grammar rules and composition. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the benefits of acquiring effective skills for writing, regardless of the job position they own. It is of great importance that people don’t see this as something boring or complex, but as something enjoyable and necessary to succeed on the workplace.

Being skillful at writing means to have the knowledge and ability to express ideas through the written word (Indeed, 2020). By having good and developed writing skills, people are capable of effectively communicating with others in the workplace, in a way that is clear and concise. This contributes to a more professional, focused, and dedicated profile at work, no matter how unrelated writing may seem to that specific field or profession (Tulane University, n.d.). Being able to write properly and clearly is an attribute that is put into practice even before getting a job, when a person writes their resume and job applications. Employers notice an individual’s writing skills from the moment they read their resume, so it is particularly important that, even before finding a job, people understand how and why they should improve their ability to express themselves effectively when writing.

Learning how to write properly does require dedication and time, but it is not a complicated thing to do. Writing is an acquired skill that can be developed with practice (Doyle, 2020) and attention to detail. Everyone practices writing on their daily lives, even if they are not aware of it. People are constantly writing text messages, e-mails, letters, and posts on social media every day.

One of the best ways to improve this skill is by paying attention and being self-conscious of what is being written and how. Reviewing grammar rules and structure is an easy way to start paying more attention to detail and understanding the writing process, as well as practicing reading comprehension. Sometimes people get used to express themselves in a certain way, most of the time informal, and they may forget the importance of grammar and composition. Therefore, going over to the basics of writing can result useful to those people who desire to improve their written communication skills.

Writing skills are a competence that increases credibility, professionalism, and dedication on employees’ profiles, therefore it is one that everyone should aim to achieve. Nowadays, being able to communicate effectively with clarity and professionalism is at reach for anyone who works hard and is willing to try it. It is important to remember that the world is evolving and so is the workplace, and, in the same way, our focus on the competences we look for should adapt to what is required and expected.


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