By Fabricio Gonzalo Rios Diaz – Student from Business Administration

I think we all can agree that 2020 was a less than exciting year for all of us. For many people 2020 was supposed to be ‘my year”, but then we had a global pandemic by the name of COVID-19. Our lives changed drastically overnight. We went from going to work and going to school or university every day to being forced to have online classes and working from home. Absolutely no one could have predicted how long we would be quarantined, we went from being able to go outside without any worry to having to go back to our house because we forgot our face mask. This crisis has brought upon us many challenges and setbacks that we never saw coming, but we must be able to overcome these setbacks.

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of plans, ideas and visions had to be put on hold. For example, many small businesses have had to close temporarily or even permanently. With the start of the pandemic, many businesses started to cut costs by laying off employees, as a result the unemployment rate worldwide is growing. When a person loses their job unexpectedly during a global pandemic it is a tough situation especially when employers are not hiring. This is where resilience comes in. In these hard times you need to find a way to make the best of a bad situation. You can either find a way to improve your current situation or do nothing and stay in the same place.

Maryniak (2020) explains that due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) “we are now more willing to consider alternative notions of work, education, and sustainable and resilient ways of providing energy, transportation, manufacturing, housing, medical care, and the other core services of civilization” (p. 3). With that being said, you can start a business or provide a service that is high in demand. For example, starting a sanitation business or doing a delivery service are ways you can adjust to the circumstances we are all facing. In times like these, where times are hard economically speaking, you have two choices: get up and find a way or do nothing and hope for better days.

Through this pandemic, resilience is going to be key because everyone is going through a difficult situation, but the ones who will not struggle as much as others will have this trait. Resilience is what gives you that urgency to get yourself in a better situation. There is a poem that resonates perfectly with resilience and it is called The Rose that Grew from Concrete and it is written by Tupac Shakur. The poem is about how a rose essentially defied all odds and miraculously grew from a crack in the concrete. In conclusion, no matter how tough things have gotten during the pandemic, be like the rose that grew from concrete and find a way to grow.


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