By Anthony Mendez Ruiz – Student of the English Club of ULACIT

The discipline of the English language is very important for promotion as a professional person. English is not an option anymore, it is mandatory! In the schools and high schools, English classes are taught every day, but sometimes the visual incentives of the language are not enough. Some teachers make a lot of effort to teach English through different strategies, but when people are in school or high school, they do not see how important it is to learn this language. Therefore, when they turn 20 years old, they realize that it is necessary to learn English. But every time that this happens it is more complicated to understand the English language, although it is not as difficult as it looks like.

Learning English has turned into a routine, and routine is usually boring. Have you ever thought that English is more than just a class, a routine, or a period of study? Two years ago, a group of friends wanted to travel to the United States to an audition for an Urban dance contest. None of them spoke English, nor did they have much money, and the money that they had was collected in the street while they were dancing. For this reason, they could not pay for an English course, and it would have taken a long time. So, they decided that in each essay they were going to form three basic sentences in English or three questions and answers… But everything had to be in English. Even the names of the steps were changed using English names, and they were able to start learning. Sometime later, an organization realized about this initiative and decided to give them the English courses until they went to the United States.

They used the love that they had to dancing learning English and did not make English a routine. They accepted that they could make mistakes, but they were also willing to learn English by doing what they loved the most. However, this culture has been lost. People learn by obligation, and they do not learn in the right way. English is a very useful tool if we learn to use it correctly. Schools provide the foundation for learning English. However, the one who develops the language skills is you. In most daily activities, we can challenge ourselves to learn or improve our English skills. Start by changing the language in your cell phone, watching a movie in Spanish and then in English, reading a small book in English, even trying to put a name to the objects that you have in your vision. These details can help you to improve your knowledge of the English language.

Take the risk of learning on a daily basis, making breakfast, dancing, singing, making art. English is an important language, if you are able to adapt to the language doing what you love you may find it easier. Learning and handling English correctly is just a matter of attitude. It is never too late to learn a language although it requires a lot of time and effort. You must forget about your age once and for all, the attitude that you have is what counts. Many people do not feel capable to study English because they are scared. But do not be afraid to make mistakes! Remember that making mistakes is a good way to learn!


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