By Juliana Zeledón - International Relations career student

International Organizations are a key component into the strengthening of local governance. Local governance is the development of a collective action within the local government. It joins different communities of a nation and creates a connection between municipal governments and the principal government for a common goal. International Organizations are regulated by International Public Law and funded to reach a common good goal as well. This organizations play an important part in local governance.

International Organizations, when established in a country, work directly with the country’s government. They manage different project or legal policies regarding the problem that is intended to be fixed or improved. The level of involvement that this project needs requires participation from many levels of the government and the civil population.

With the creation of a project, there is a sense of motivation and this goes hand by hand with decentralization. Centralization of power in a city of capital of a country tends to provoke a lack of resource for the rural areas and neglect from the principal government. This translates to insecurity, deficient health care and education as well as absence of basic resources like clean access to water or electricity. The population neglected is most of the cases the less privileged within the community, this can be indigenous communities or low-income population.

When the power and influence is spread out or there is a verdict connection line between municipal and principal governments these issues can be prevented. The municipal governments can express their concerns and needs and the population won’t be ignored. This is exactly what many International Organizations want to accomplish. To achieve the goal in not only an international matter but also nationally it is imperative to apply cooperation. The common objectives cannot be reached individually or with a limited group, this is why International Organizations need intergovernmental cooperation.

In order to have an efficient and just democracy, local governance is compulsory. This is one of the benefits of International Organizations integrating in local governments, they work together for bettering the integration between different small parts of the community so they can form a union. A union that will be the only strong enough variable to confront the social, political and economic problems that these communities have.


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