By Amy Pereira and Mariana Lara – English Club Students of ULACIT

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world...”. Our countries are separated by limits, borders, etc. But we have the possibility to cross these limits to create a link with inhabitants of other countries, through means such as the internet or traveling, and create amazing memories. And it is at this moment that the language we share plays a fundamental role. Many countries have different languages that can make communication a hard process. Fortunately, many countries speak the amazing English language. In this article, we will learn about the important role that English has as a link between different countries.

Sometimes we can find different cultures in one country, and that is something really nice. But what if they do not speak the language we do? The process of understanding people could be difficult, but it is very necessary. This is mostly because we want to create a link with them and have some kind of closer relationship, not only as citizen and citizen, but as more than that. The way of communication between cultures leads us to know how a person or a group of people feel, what they need, and what they know that we do not. Knowledge is always good! Getting closer to other cultures is not a risk, it is an opportunity to learn some new things.

The English language is considered an international language. Through it, personal, professional, and cultural ties between speakers from different nations or origins are facilitated. There are many reasons that have placed English as the leading international language and, even pointed out by some, as a global language. Interpersonal relations are also highly promoted, and there is greater access to entertainment media. Something that is very important is that thanks to English, international business is carried out.

Tourism is another area in which the English language plays a prominent role. Lots of tourist information, such as tour guides, video recordings, posters, and visual signs at the airport and tourist spots, are presented in English. We have just discovered that English impacts the lives of thousands of people in different fields, such as the workplace, learning, among others.

"A story of friendship, by Amy"
One day, I decided that I needed to practice the English language more and started my search for apps and other tools. I discovered an app called Tandem, which purpose is to meet people elsewhere in the world for the practice of new languages. That's where I met Citra: she's from Indonesia. We didn't know anything about the countries where we lived; besides, we didn't know each other's native language. In my opinion, every person should have a great friendship with someone from other cultures.

English is more than just a language with grammatical rules, accents, letters and phrases. English is a way of living that connects human beings through the distance, what makes it even nicer. It's also a way to open many doors that can improve our future. Never is late to learn English.


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