By Daniela Umaña Corella - English Club at ULACIT

The English Club works with activities like an individual presentation with a free topic, and on days like Thursdays the students can choose general presentations. The club make interactive speeches, videos, group games, Moxies, and information posts in Yammer. The points of this strategies of the English Club are so cleverly creative because they always have an interesting topic that can be chosen by the student or the president. A member of the English Club makes activities sometimes for the blue seal like a debate, a general topic, or an individual presentation, and also enjoy the Yammer posts about everything with the student’s free topic.

Sometimes the Club enjoy some general activities by the university and, when the club participates in it, the other students recognize what is really the English Club’s work because that makes one the biggest clubs ever. For general presentations directed by a teacher or an expert, the club use Teams or Zoom presentation and also send links for student of all the clubs or career to enjoy it, and also to complete the Blue Seal, the Club shares in Yammer the topics about their general presentations or just a post about a creative topic from a poster o video in English. This is one of the best ways to show the other students about the English Club. It is a perfect way to practice or learn in a better way the English Language.

Another important thing about the Club is the students who have 100% of scholarship can do the Moxie of the Topics that are generally of investigation depending on the president and the vice-president. They choose them to do the document in three steps: the first draft, the second draft and, the last one, the complete and official Moxie. They also have a limit date to share the moxies and depending on the Holiday, the Club organizes some activities like dress or wearing a facemask or head decoration that contrasts with the holiday, and they also make games and presentation related with it. This is one of the best strategies the English Club uses to make other students want to enjoy it. It does not matter that he or she does not speak English, the Club helps them to get better at pronunciation, vocabulary, verbs, the sentences, etc., and also uses other methods like listening to music in English, watch movies or read books to help students learn the English Language.

One of the best characteristics of the club is the participation of the activities by the ULACIT University, when one of the members answers or participates in the activity that makes the other students recognize the characteristic way and the concept of the English Club.

The English Club always brings to the university students of different classes the chance to learn or practice the English Language, to have a better pronunciation and have the best future. The students are always welcome to the English Club with open arms and great opportunities to learn or be part of this incredible family. We are always happy to receive the new students who are going to be part of the club and make them feel comfortable to be part of this wonderful family. In the English Club we have funny times, I recommended it because, in my case, I practice, learn to cook, make good friends. I wait all the week for the class, I hope soon we star the presential lessons.

MOXIE es el Canal de ULACIT (, producido por y para los estudiantes universitarios, en alianza con el medio periodístico independiente, con el propósito de brindarles un espacio para generar y difundir sus ideas.  Se llama Moxie - que en inglés urbano significa tener la capacidad de enfrentar las dificultades con inteligencia, audacia y valentía - en honor a nuestros alumnos, cuyo “moxie” los caracteriza.