By Jose Pablo Padilla Chaves - Student of Bachelor in Science of Business Administration

There are certain pleasures in life; some may say eating an ice cream on a sunny day, others may say that going to the beach and others may even say that having a nap. In a workplace, good conditions and relationships between the coworkers and the managers are essential in order to create and keep both parties in good conditions while achieving a productive environment. The responsibilities of a manager are big, like creating boundaries, achieving a fruitful environment and maintaining a good relationship with your peers, but it is really important to know what are exactly the qualities and skills that a manager should have or acquire to keep a dynamic and efficient environment in an organization. In this article we are going to see which skills are proved to be effective while managing a company.

Becoming a manager is a big challenge. Most employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. This information is key in understanding why the employees are leaving organizations and the lack of appreciation is one of the main things a manager should work on.

This job is based on relying on people, and trusting them is one of the major challenges you may face. If you do not like working and helping people, you may consider stepping back because one thing that a manager must have is the ability and the desire of trying to solve situations in which teamwork is essential. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you, and you have to walk in everyone shoes in order to develop yourself as a person and as a manager. Self-growth is something that you must look at, as a good captain who is in charge of the ship.

Managing and contributors are synonymous in the business vocabulary and working in this topic would make you question yourself, how can I develop these skills to be a better leader? The answer is short. You either have them on yourself or you either develop them while working and gaining experience. Making the most out of your strengths is crucial because this way you can focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Knowing this, every employee is different and, as the person who is on board, you must link and engage differently with each one because this way you are showing your best interest to the person and showing that the company cares for them. And this way we can address a close up follow to the workforce in order to secure productivity and also caring about the well-being of the staff, which should be the number one priority of a great manager.

Being a manager is something that a lot of people desire, but the hard work, responsibilities and the influence that managing has is something to take into consideration. Now we know the aspects that a manager should have, being a manager has a lot of rewards, like the self-growth, the relationship that you create with your environment and the pleasure of helping people and watching them develop and grow.


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